Speakography is the spoiled stepchild of my main photography site Speakgraph!cs. Let me explain.

Over the last few years, I’ve fallen in love with using the iPhone as a camera. Although it lacks many of the more advanced features and options of my DSLRs, I see it as being a challenge to “do more with less”. In many ways, the iPhone’s camera has many qualities that sets it apart from its larger cousins. For example: One can simply point and shoot, iPhones are supremely portable, you don’t have to worry about running out of shots – just snap, snap snap away. You are only limited by your iphone’s battery. Also, via apps like Instagram, Snapseed, Dropbox and Flickr, one can snap their picture, edit and then either share it with the world or store it in “the cloud” in seconds – all within the same device. Yes, the iPhone is not the only mobile phone with a camera. I prefer iPhones because the photo related apps are superior – in number, variety and quality. Also, the iPhone’s camera has always been of an exceptionally high quality.

…But I digress. Back to how Speakography came to be:
I’ve always enjoyed telling a good story. Firstly I did it through singing, then through songwriting, then through writing and performing poetry. My most recent tools of crafting stories have been my cameras. My iPhone’s camera has become like a friend. Definitely, it is another eye that I use to record the stories within ordinary and not so ordinary things. Speakography is a vehicle to share these visual stories to the world – these pictures worth millions of words. Pictures that speak to you. Soon it will be a place where you can purchase prints, so that these stories can beautify the walls of your happy home. I sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit here. Please feel free to invite others and to click the social media links. The blog will be regularly updated with fresh and fascinating content. I hope to see you often.

– Andrew Bryan Carson

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